Office's Activity Report 2015-17

S&T Office Activity Report 2014-17

Office's Annual Report FY2014

S&T Office Annual Report 2014-15

DST's Annual Report / Analysis Report / Roadmap

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SA-JP 10 Year S&T Cooperation Booklet

SA-JP S&T Coffee Table Book 2014

Video Clip from South Africa - Japan Symposium on Hydrogen Economy


Video Clips from Science Agora 2014

Science Agora 2014 Keynote Sessions PV "Building Relations Between Future Science and Society"

Keynote Session II: Science in Transition - Bridging Science, Society and Policy -

Keynote Session III: What we can learn from international research collaborations: Global environmental issues and Japan's role in science and technology

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MeerKAT Papercraft (A3 size to print)

Collaborating with Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University

MeerKAT papercraft

instruction manual

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A1 Posters




Astronomy-1: Radio Astronomy

Astronomy-2: SKA

Human Evolution

SA University Map

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