About Japan

Facts about Japan
Current Time
7 hours earlier from South Africa
Land Area 377,962 km2
see map of Japan
Population 127,220,000 (as of January 1, 2014)
Capital City Tokyo
Major City Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kawasaki, Saitama, Hiroshima, Sendai
Language Japanese
Major Religious Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity
Currency Japanese Yen (JPY)
about 10JPY = 1 ZAR (as of 01 January 2015)
GDP JPY 483.1 trillion (as of 2013)
US$ 4.902 trillion (2013, World Bank)
Nominal GDP per capita JPY 3.796 million (as of 2013)
US$38,492 (as of 2013, World Bank)
Major Industry automobile, consumer electronics, computer, other electronics, and ethical drugs

Travel to Japan

To Tokyo
(Haneda Airport and Narita Airport)

From Hong Kong

>>> To Haneda Airport (HND)
By NH1172 at 19:40
By CX548 at 13:55

>>> To Narita Airport (NRT)
By SA7139 (NH910) at 20:20

Access to Tokyo city centre from airports
see Tokyo Subway Map

From Haneda Airport: 30min train to city centre

  • By Monorail Line
    For Hamamatsu-cho
  • By Keikyu Line (Each train goes to different destination)
    For Shinagawa, Shinbashi, Asakusa, Yokohama

  • To Tokyo station
    Take Monorail to Hamamatsu-cho station
    change to Yamanote-line (track 2) to Tokyo station
  • To Akihabara station
    Take Monorail to Hamamatsu-cho station,
    change to Yamanote-line (track 2) to Akihabara station
  • To Shibuya station
    Take Keikyu Line to Shinagawa station,
    change to Yamanote-line (track 2) to Shibuya station
  • To Shinjyuku station,
    Take Keikyu Line to Shinagawa station,
    change to Yamanote-line (track 2) to Shinjyuku station
  • To Ikebukuro station
    Take Keikyu Line to Shinagawa station,
    change to Yamanote-line (track 2) to Ikebukuro station
  • To Yokohama station
    Take Keikyu Line for Shinzushi, Keikyu Kurihama or Kanazawa Bunko (those trains will take you to Yokohama directly)

From Narita Airport: 1hr to city centre

  • By Narita Express (NEX)
    To Tokyo
  • By Keisei Skyliner Express
    To Nippori and Ueno
  • By Keisei Sky Access
    For Ueno, Asakusa, Ginza, Shinbashi (Might need to change at Aoto station to Asakusa, Ginza, and Shinbashi)
see Tokyo Subway Map

To Osaka

From Hong Kong

>>> To Kansai International Airport (KIX)
By SA7136 (NH176) at 20:00
By CX506 (JL7052) at 14:50

Access to

    • Osaka city centre: 50min train / bus
    • Kyoto: 85min by bus
    • Kobe: 65min by bus

Domestic Travel Estimates

  • Tokyo – Yokohama: 30min by train
  • Tokyo – Nagoya: 1h45min by Tokaido shinkansen (bullet train)
  • Tokyo – Kyoto: 2h20min by Tokaido shinkansen
  • Tokyo – Osaka: 3h by Tokaido shinkansen and change to local train
  • Tokyo – Hiroshima: 4h by Tokaido shinkansen
  • Tokyo – Sendai: 1h32min by Tohoku shinkansen
  • Tokyo – Nagaoka: 1h41min by Zyoetsu shinkansen
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Sapporo: 1h30min by air
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Kyushu (Fukuoka): 2h by air
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Okinawa: 3h by air

Map of Japan
map of Japan
Tokyo Metro
Tokyo Subway Map
Japan Guidebook

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