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26 May 2017Gender Summit 10
26 May 2017FCDIC Symposium

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26 May 2017

Gender Summit 10

On 25- 26 May 2017, the Embassy participated at the Asia-Pacific Gender Summit 10 which took place on Tokyo. The Summit is an international movement to discuss science and gender. The Gender Summit intends to encourage a higher quality of innovation, in which we consider the difference of gender as an important factor, discuss the better research and development and utilize the discussion outcomes actively and practically for education, human development, basic research and commercialisation. Minister Counsellor: Science and Technology, Ms Eudy Mabuza presented on the "Next steps for International Collaboration between Science Institutions".
Dr Teruo Kishi, Science and Technology Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Yuko Harayama, Member of Council for Science, Technology and Innovaiton, Cabinet Office Dr Miyoko Watanabe, Deputy Executive Director, JST
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26 May 2017

FCDIC International Symposium

On 25 - 26 May the Fuel Cell Development Information Centre (FCDIC) hosted its 24th Fuel Cell Symposium in Tokyo. The Symposium was attended by international experts in the fuel cell domain. South Africa was represented by Ms Eudy Mabuza - Minister Counsellor: Science and Technology and Dr Shiro Tanaka - Key Technology Specialist Fuel Cell from HySA Catalysis at the University of Cape Town.
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