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04 December 2014

South Africa's Eskom engineers reported on their training at the Hitachi Facilities in Japan

DST-Hitachi launched the "DST-Hitachi Scholarship Programme for South African Engineers” in 2009. The programme aims to support and nurture young South African engineers working in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution. This programe provides participants with an opportunity to learn basic Japanese language and culture at the Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) and have technical training at Hitachi’s factories. The engineers will apply what they have learnt in Japan back to South Africa's power utility, Eskom. Therefore, this will contribute to the improvement of the country’s social infrastructure.
Ms Arakki, Executive General Manager of CSR and Environmental Strategy Division from Hitachi, gave opening remarks
Mr Joseph George, Network Planner from Eskom Free State
Mr Ricardo Alain Sampson, Senior Protection Technician from Eskom Western Grid
The Eskom engineers shared their experience in Japan and were awarded certificate by Ms Araki
Minister-Counsellor:S&T delivered closing remarks
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25 November 2014 in Tokyo

South Africa and Japan Launched a Book in celebration of their 10 years of Science and Technology Cooperation

Ambassador delivered the opening remarks
(right) Mr Mmboneni Muofhe, DDG: RDI from the Department of Science and Technology. (left) Dr Yasuo Kishimoto, Senior DDG: S&T Policy Bureau from Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT) delivered keynote speeches
A symbolical signing of the book to commemorate the 10th year anniversary was done by the representatives from the both countries
(centre) Dr Yuko Harayama, Executive Member of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) gave the closing remarks
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25 November 2014

South Africa - Japan Innovation Business Forum

Mr Mmboneni Muofhe from DST talked on "Elements that makes South Africa the best Innovation gateway in Africa"
Plenary Sessions

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16 November 2014 at Kagoshima University

Minister-Counsellor: S&T and Kagoshima University hosted Science Cafe: South Africa and Astronomy

(centre) Prof Yokura, Dean of the Faculty from Science of Kagoshima University delivered the opening remarks
(left) Dr Nakanishi gave lecture on "Radio Astronomy", featuring MeerKAT and SKA
(left) Ms Ueno illustrated how to make the MeerKAT paparcraft
Minister-Counsellor: S&T constructed her MeerKAT

With all attendees holding their own MeerKAT papercrafts
Dr Nakanishi introduced their educational material to understand the structure of the galaxy
Thank you for his laboratory members, especially Mr Anraku and Ms Taguchi who helped designing the MeerKAT papercraft

- Materials to download -
(from left to right) Presentation PDF, MeerKAT papercraft (A3 size), and Papercraft instruction (Japanese only)
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13 November 2014 at Nagoya City University

Minister-Counsellor: S&T and Nagoya City University hosted Science Cafe "Challenge to Prevention of Calculosis - Relationship between Tea & Calculus Stones"

Dr Ando introduced Prof Kohri, President from Nagoya City University and the principle investigator with UCT for this NRF-JSPS joint research
Prof Kohri gave lecture on calculus stones and health benefits from rooibos tea
With all attendees
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08 November 2014

Minister-Counsellor: S&T gave comments on the Agora Keynote Session 3: What can we learn from international research collaboration–Global environmental issues and Japan's role in Science and Technology

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08-09 November 2014 at Miraikan

S&T Office Exhibit SA's Science & Technology at Science Agora 2014

Mr Kenta Anraku and Dr Hiroyuki Nakanishi from Kagoshima University to illustrated SA's astronomy, MeerKAT and SKA as well as helping kids to make the MeerKAT papercraft
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07 November 2014 at Miraikan

Minister-Counsellor: S&T delivered a keynote speech titled 'Science in Transition–Bridging Science, Society and Policy' at the Science Agora 2014 at Miraikan

please click the image to download the presentation (PDF)
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06 November 2014

Minister-Counsellor: S&T and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) hosted Science Cafe: Health Beneficiation from Rooibos & Honeybush and Rooibos Sweets Cooking

Opening Remarks by Ms Eudy Mabuza, Minister-Counsellor:S&T
Lecture by Mr Clinton Gass (Rooibos Marketing) and Prof Yutaka Miura (TUAT)
Lecture by Dr Christo John Frederick Muller (Medical Research Council, SA)
Rooibos Sweets Cooking Lecture by Mr Hideya Miyamoto
Cafe time with Ambassador
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Minister-Counsellor:S&T featured on the November 2014 issue of the JST News

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04-07 October 2014

Minister of Science and Technology, Mrs Pandor's visit to Japan

Minister Pandor attended the STS Forum 2014 in Kyoto. During the Closing Plenary Session, Minister emphasised that “we need to understand the nature of the rapid changes, geopolitically, scientifically and societal, which are shaping all aspects of our world in the 21st century.” (read more)
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27 September 2014

Promoted 'Study in South Africa" at the JASSO's Study Abroad Fair 2014

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18 September 2014

SAJU Roundtable Dinner Meeting

Ambassador Pheko invited Japanese academia to discuss how Japanese and SA's universities could cooperate and how to rejuvenite the formally named SAJU Forum. From the discussions, various options on how to cooperate were put on the table, amoungst which cultural exchange must be included.
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May 2014

Toyama Visit

Minister-Counsellor: S&T and a delegate Ms Amanda Gcabashe from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) visited the Institute of Natural Medicine at University of Toyama. The visit was made to find linkages for collaboration with the South African Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS).
At the Medical Herb Botanical Garden that the SA delegation toured they were shown 2,000 species plants planted for both scientific research and educational purposes, including several kinds of chamomile and cinnamons.
A courtesy visit was made to the SABC counterpart in Japan named International Office for Technical Relegations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and views how collaborations can be made were exchanged.

May 2014

Okinawa Visit

Ambassador Pheko delivered the first Nelson Mandela Memorial lecture at the Okinawa Science and Technology Institute (OIST) on 14 May 2014. read more...
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