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South African Pavilion-1


Leading the Energy Transition in Southern Africa
Anchoring the Development of the Green Hydrogen Economy

Sasol は2050年までにグリーン水素を中核にネットゼロの実現を目指しています。弊社はグリーン水素のような新たなバリュープールを成長させ、競争力を確保し、持続可能なリターンを提供するという大規模な自然エネルギーの取り組みを行っています。Sasolは70年以上にわたり燃料・化学品の生産・販売の分野で活躍してきました。また、フィードストック-アグノステイック フィッシャー・トロプシュ(FT)技術の世界的なパイオニアでもあります。持続可能な航空燃料、グリーンアンモニアとグリーンメタノールを含む派生製品を通じて、グリーン水素の可能性を最大限に引き出すことができます。

Sasol has committed to be net-zero by 2050, and we see green hydrogen as core to enabling this goal. Sasol is undertaking renewables at scale while growing new value pools such as green hydrogen, ensuring competitive and sustainable returns. Sasol has over 70 years of experience producing and marketing fuels and chemicals, and as a global pioneer in the feedstock-agnostic Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technology, we can unlock green hydrogen's full potential through its derivative products, including sustainable aviation fuels, green ammonia and green methanol.
We aspire to leverage this expertise to contribute to developing and leading the development of the green hydrogen ecosystem in Southern Africa. Sasol has the capabilities, skillset, technology and solutions to co-create the South African hydrogen economy. And we are already in action developing both pilot and mega-scale green hydrogen and derivatives projects which incorporate stimulating the South African market for green hydrogen usage, establishing supply to international markets for export demand, and creating sustainable supply chains.

Contact details:

Email: Ms Malebelo Maphutha
Head Market Formation – Policies & Measures
Low Carbon Energy Solutions
Tel: +27 66 121 4156
Mobile: +27 72 122 7507
URL: https://sasol.com/

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